Year End Grade Nine Portfolio Interview

As a year-end project in ELA, we are answering questions that reflect on our grade 9 year. There are eight questions that talk about our improvement of skills and things we covered in this class. I will provide an example for some of these.

1. Prove or disprove, using supports/examples, that you have grown as a learner through the ELA class activities. 

There are many ways that I have grown this year. One place that shows this is on my blog. My writing has become a lot more in-depth and detailed as the year went one. When I started my blog I never really added an introduction to what my project was or why I was doing it. I think my writing has improved, and my comma usage has advanced compared to where is was at the beginning of the year.    I have attached two links to my blog posts below. The first one showed one of my very first posts that didn’t have an introduction and was that well written. The second one has an intro and is much more in depth. I also added pictures to make it more visually appealing.

Earlier Blog Post

Later Blog Post

2. You have completed speaking, writing and visual representations in this ELA course;                                                                                                       

A. Identify a before (reading/listening/viewing) activity that enhanced your appreciation or understanding of the text. Explain how the before task changed the text for you.                                                                          

B. Identify a During (reading/listening/viewing) activity that enhanced your appreciation or understanding of the text. Explain how the During task changed the text for you.                                                                        

C. Identify an After(reading/listening/viewing) activity that enhanced your appreciation or understanding of the text. Explain how the After task changed the text for you.   

4. Give an example of the planning/development of an assignment that you’re most pleased/proud of. 

I try to give myself an outline to follow when I am writing. I find it way easier to keep the ideas flowing if I already know what I want to write. I have done many types of outlines this year, including webs, charts and just jotting down my ideas. I feel that just jotting down my ideas and color coordinating them works best for me. The example that I am going to show you is about my ending to the outsiders movie. It shows exactly where I would like to start my story, tells me what my climax is going to be and then the fall actions and resolutions. It is all color coordinated in a way that I can follow. It may be hard for others to follow, but it is very easy for me.Planning Outline

5. Formative feedback is the same as summative except you get it before you finalize/submit the assignment. How did it help you improve the quality and/or level of your work to get your feedback during your work instead of after it? Give and example to support your work.

I find it very useful when teachers provide me with formative feedback. It helps me learn and expand my knowledge when I can take the feedback and change the mistakes in my work. I am not able to change them after I submit the assignment. This helps my marks and even how I do in other classes. I feel like the feedback sticks in my brain because I am using it right away. When I get summative feedback back, I usually don’t remember it as easily because I am not using it until the next project. One way my teacher did this was by commenting on my blog. She told me what I was doing well and what i should work on. This helped my take my assignment to the next level. Here is a blog post with one of her comments on it.

Blog Post Formative Feedback

6. Did you reach or test your potential in this ELA class? Explain with and example.

I do think that I reached my potential in this ELA class. My work did advance over the course of the year. I am writing longer answers to my questions and way more detail. My comma use and grammar have changed as well. I have noticed that these skills are transferring to other classes as well. I pay attention to more of these types of things, not just in ELA class. I also used the blog and I help me add more details. I am able to write more on a computer than with a pen and paper. Also, when I am writing for an audience, I make sure that my work sounds good and uses proper grammar. This is one blog post that shows these improvements.

Blog Post With Improvements

7. Do you find your level of self-awareness in your skills and abilities in ELA has improved at all over the past year? Are you reflective and conscious of what is expected if you and what level you accomplish? 

8. Explain whether you felt sufficiently challenged in you ELA work this year. Give an example of a task or project that tested the limits of your abilities.

I feel that I was challenged by many different activities this year. Adding the blog to our course took our work to the next level. We were always adding new things and learning new skills on our blog. I think that it challenged us in an excellent way! There was one activity that challenged me the most this year. The last presentation that we had to do. We had to do a lot of research about a topic that didn’t have an answer to the questions we asked. Then we had to come to a conclusion and create a presentation. These projects took a lot of work and time. Then we did something that I’m not very strong at, presentations. I prepared notes for what I wanted to talk about and practiced. I was very nervous doing this presentation, but in the end, it turned out well. I have attached a copy of my presentation below.

Canadian Beef Farmers Inquiry Presentation

9. You developed your blog this year, adding samples of a lot of your work. In doing so, you’ve tweaked it to include a fair representation if your personality online. What skills do you think you’ve developed through using the blog? List two positives and two negatives of the blogging work you’ve done this year.   

I really enjoyed using the blogs this year.

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