Letter to a Pal- Week 1

Hello there! I’m very excited to get to know you!


    In ELA we just finished talking about the idea of minorities in society. We looked at the two different types of minorities, visual minorities meaning a difference you can see between people and non-visual minorities meaning a difference you cannot see. We were left with the question “Would you rather be a visual or non-visual minority?”. Personally I feel that I would rather be a visual minority. In the society that I live in, visual minorities have stereotypes that are placed against them almost instantly. Once a person sees someone that has something different about them, they will be judged. This is something I took in to a lot of consideration when I was making my decision of being a visual or non-visual minority. When I weighed the pros and cons of the of each, there was too many cons that came along with the non-visual like what would happen when someone found out you have a minority and are hiding it from them. This lead me to believe that it would be easier to live as a visual minority. Things could be completely different in your society. Do people judge other people based on their looks? Do people care if you are different? What are your thoughts on visual and non-visual minorities and which would you rather be? These are tough questions to think about because there is no right or wrong answers, so I’m very curious on hearing your thoughts on this topic!



Leah 🙂 

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1 thought on “Letter to a Pal- Week 1

  1. Hello Leah 🙂

    We think that’s a tough question.
    We think we would rather be a visual minority, too. For us it makes no difference now somebody looks. We don’t judge somebody by the way they look. It’s difficult with the refugee crisis, though. On the one hand we think that everyone should live their religion and have religious freedom. On the other hand it can get dangerous, too. Do you think that makes sense?
    We also have some personal questions for you:
    How is it to live on a farm?
    Do you have to get up early in the morning?

    Until next time,

    Anna and Alisa 🙂

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