CC: Romeo and Juliet Persona Respones

Dear Allegro,  

I’m heart broken!

I NEED HELP!! I don’t know what to do! My new husband has been banished from Verona and my father is forcing me to marry another man! A man that I will never love! This man will not leave me alone and I am to be married to this man on Thursday. I have been given the option to fake my death, but if I do my husband, Romeo, may actually think I’m dead! I am in desperate need of your advice. I am willing to do whatever it takes. I really do not want to marry this other man! Isn’t that cheating? How can I cheat on a man that I love more than the man I am cheating with? Please, I need my Romeo back! He is everything to me! My father is forcing me to marry Paris! Please, please reply with some advice.

Waiting for your wise reply!

Desperate, Heart Broken Juliet


Dear Desperate, Heart Broken Juliet,

I can really tell that you don’t want to marry this other man! I think that you should talk to your parents and see what they say. Explain to them the situation that they are in. They may get very mad at you but that’s better than them finding out later. They could be understanding of the situation that you have gotten into. They also could be very mad at you for falling in love with someone from the opposing family! Give them yours reasons why you don’t want to marry this other guy. You could go talk to Friar Lawrence and see if he has a solution for you. He may be able to talk to your parents or maybe even explain to This other guy what is happening. I feel that you shouldn’t have to marry this other man if you really don’t want to! Your parents could be very mad at you so they may not want you to live with them anymore. If this happens you could maybe end up living with Friar Lawrence for a bit or maybe even go live with Romeo. Anyways, I feel that you need to be honest with everyone otherwise you could end up in a lot more trouble, or be in a situation that you don’t want to be in!

I hope that my advice helps you a little bit and hope everything works out for you in the end!



Dear Allegro

From xXx_Romeo40_xXx

Help! I’m a criminal and I’m wanted in Verona, I want to see my lovely wife Juliet she is left alone in Verona with a creep by the name of Paris or online named “Puffy Paris, ” he wants her and she chose me, he lost fair and square I should be the one to have her not him but I go and kill someone because the person I killed, killed my best friend. Oh, one thing the person that I killed was her cousin so I’m in hot water with her, but I hope things will blow over now I’m waiting for Fair Lawrence to come up with a plan cause he will, he knows I can’t be without her, and she can’t be without me I hope she can come up with something cope with it. Please, I need you to talk me through on what to do. I need your answer NOW!



Dear xXx_Romeo_xXx,

It sounds like you are in a pretty sticky situation! I think that Friar Lawerence and Juliet will come up with a plan on how to get her out of this situation. I think that you shouldn’t give up on her until you know for sure that you cannot be with her. You need to somehow get in touch with either Friar Lawrence or Juliet herself. If they come up with a plan you need to know the plan if they want Juliet to end up with you. It sounds like Juliet doesn’t want to be with this Paris guy and if that is true she will try her hardest to get away from him. I think the main thing that you need to do is stay in touch with those two people and eventually things will work themselves out!

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “CC: Romeo and Juliet Persona Respones

  1. Awesome! The advice you gave in your responses were very clear and would also be helpful to the characters that are in this situation. You took on the role of the columnist well. 🙂

  2. great job leah! i really liked how you were so good at going back and forth between characters. also you did a great job speaking as the characters. the one bad thing a saw was i just wanted to keep reading the letter but it ended. overall you did a great job. keep it up!

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