My Assess and Reflect Tasks (AR)


Nov 15, 2015 Grammarly Feedback on CR Writing

After completing my Comprehend and Reflect questions in a blog post, we ran my writing through the Grammarly program to get a print out that identifies my common and recurring errors. This sample will be an example of what my writing is like now, in Grade 9, compared to what it will be as I improve through high school.

Grammarly Edits PDF – CR Responses Leah


Oct 14, 2015 Multiple Intelligence QuizTest Results

We did an online multiple intelligence quiz a few days ago. It told us about our personalities. I found out that I am a very Intrapersonal Smart, Logical Smart, Linguistic Smart and Nature Smart. Also I don’t have very much Musical Smarts. I really enjoy taking these kind of tests!


Oct 10, 2015 Words on a Page- Self Assessment

We made a presentation about a story that we listened to in class. We then had to mark ourselves on a rubric that was a score of 1-5. I feel that on two parts of the rubric i achieved a 3. On the other two parts I achieved a 4. That evens itself out at a score of 3.5. I find it very hard to assess myself. I don’t like saying if I feel I did good or bad. You can’t be to hard on yourself but you can’t give yourself a 5 on everything.

Leah AR Presentation self assessment

Sept 15, 2015 Fotobabble Assess and Reflect

For our first assess and reflect we made a Fotobabble. It was about how we thought that the year was going so far and how we thought we were doing with our work. I felt that it was going really well and I was doing good. I have attached the Fotobabble below! Go check it out!!

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