A1 Inequalities in Society: Compose and Create

We have been working on a lesson that is focused on inequalities in society. We looked a lot at visual and non-visual minorities. We then had to to answer a question talking about what would be different for me, in my life if I was born a visual minority.

Being born as a visual minority affects how your life is going to be in terms of the opportunities and experiences you get. You are going to have automatic stigmas or stereotypes place against you by people that have experience with the visual minority you have in the past. This will lead to unfair education and job opportunities you will have. You might not have the quality of teachers in your school or you might not be treated fairly because of the visual minority. When you don’t have fair education, you may end up with lower grades than the majority of the people. This is going to lead to a harder time to find a job, and since you already have those stereotypes placed on you, other doors are closed on jobs that you don’t have an opportunity to apply for. Less job opportunities leads to less income that can cause poverty in certain visual minorities, but there is something that can help out people with visual minorities and that is affirmative actions. I feel that affirmative actions are a good thing that work well to give visual minorities a chance to ride up in society. They have a hard time doing this already because of the stereotypes they have to overcome, so affirmative action helps with this. Usual minority’s are something you have from the day you are born and unfortunately this can lead to disadvantages and missed opportunities for you.


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