Letter to a Pal- Week 2

Hello Anna and Alisa!!

I totally feel that what you said about the refugee crisis makes sense! People should have religious freedom, but things could become dangerous.

I absolutely love living on a farm! I have so much space around my house! My nearest neighbors are about a mile away from me. Living on a farm does come with a lot of responsibility and you do have to be up early some mornings! The animals need to be fed morning and night no matter what the weather is like. Some nights I will come home from school, go out to do chores at 4:30pm and not get back in the house until 9:00pm. But I wouldn’t want to live any other life!

A few classes ago in ELA, we watched the movie “The Wave”. It is a German movie about a class of students that do a project week. I had never watched a movie in German before and I found it very interesting. Even though I had to read the subtitles to understand what was going on, I was still able to understand the movie very well. Do you get to watch very many English movies or TV shows in Germany? If so, do you enjoy them? Are they hard for you to understand?

Looking forward to your resonses

Thanks, Leah 🙂

1 thought on “Letter to a Pal- Week 2

  1. Hey Leah,

    Working on a farm sounds like a lot of work. But what you write is so interesting to us and we loved the pictures of the farm in the intro you sent us.
    Last lesson we watched the film “The Wave” too. It was different than anything we have seen so far and also kind of shocking. What did you discuss in class about the movie?
    Most of the movies and TV- shows in Germany are translated into German. We watch English and American movies very often but not in the original version or with subtitles because everything is translated into German. I think we would also have problems to understand everything in English. We have watched like two or three movies in English but it was difficult to understand for us.

    We have two weeks of spring break, now. Do you have a Easter break, too? And how does a typical day of school look for you?

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    Anna and Alisa 🙂

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