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A5 Imagination Beyond Daily Life: CC

I had never watched¬†The Village or any kind of movie with that sort of genre before. I really enjoyed the different techniques and styles. The producer was able to add in many different clues about what was going to happen in the movie without actually telling us, so we had to infer a lot of the time. They added enough creepy elements into the film to make it unsettling, but not as scary as a horror film. The style they used really mad you think and question what was going on and make predictions for what was going to happen next. A great example of this would be Ivy standing in the red flowers in the woods. We knew that there was going to be a bad monster, because red was the “bad color”. The producer tried to avoid the blood and guts when creating this film. when you don’t actually witness the crime, you are left to just imagine what happened and how it happened. It almost leaves you wanting more. Also without the blood and guts, a younger audience s able to view the film. People that would like these kinds of films are people that don’t really enjoy all the blood and guts and ghosts of a full on horror movie, but they can still handle a creepy unsettling theme. I am personally one of those people that really enjoys unsettling, but not totally horror themed movies. Overall I really enjoyed watching this movie. If you look at the ratings other people give this movie, it is fairly low on the scale. I have never seen anymore of this producers films before, so they must have been really good. They were maybe more unsettling or had a more realistic story line. I am going to have to watch his other films sometime to create my own opinion of where¬†The Village would sit. I would rate this movie overall with a score of 4/5. There was many parts that were really satisfying, but it ended a bit to abruptly for me to rate it higher.