A10 CC Descriptive Instructions to Follow

For this activity, we started out practicing drawing a sketch of the image that our partner was describing to us. Today we had to find an image off of google and not show our partner. They will then have to use the description that we give to try and do a drawing of the image we have. Here it goes.

  • I will start off by saying that is a picture of a chihuahua. Though, it is not your typical dog.
  • It is a front view but is turned slightly to a right side angle.
  • The dog is a very light brown color (almost white) and relatively small.
  • It has two very buggish green/brown eyes. They are spread fairly far apart.
  • It has a smallish nose that is just the slightest bit darker than its body color.
  • It has very large pointy ears that stick almost straight up.
  • You are not able to see very much of the dogs body due to a puffy snow white princess dress.
  • the dress has light blue, puffy sleeves that have red stripes running vertically on it. You can only see one stripe on each side.
  • The dress has a dark royal blue from the shoulders to the waist. (About have way down the dogs body.)
  • The dress has a yellow bottom and is super puffy. It is also sparkly.
  • The dress has a white collar that stops half way around the dogs neck.
  • On top of the dogs, head is a bright red, sparkly tiara.
  • The dog has a brown wig with the tiara. The hair is to the dogs shoulders.

I have now attached the original image and people’s drawings from my description.

Disney Dog The Original Image.

Carsons dog drawingCarson’s Interpretation


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