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Letter to a Pal- Week 2

Hello Anna and Alisa!!

I totally feel that what you said about the refugee crisis makes sense! People should have religious freedom, but things could become dangerous.

I absolutely love living on a farm! I have so much space around my house! My nearest neighbors are about a mile away from me. Living on a farm does come with a lot of responsibility and you do have to be up early some mornings! The animals need to be fed morning and night no matter what the weather is like. Some nights I will come home from school, go out to do chores at 4:30pm and not get back in the house until 9:00pm. But I wouldn’t want to live any other life!

A few classes ago in ELA, we watched the movie “The Wave”. It is a German movie about a class of students that do a project week. I had never watched a movie in German before and I found it very interesting. Even though I had to read the subtitles to understand what was going on, I was still able to understand the movie very well. Do you get to watch very many English movies or TV shows in Germany? If so, do you enjoy them? Are they hard for you to understand?

Looking forward to your resonses

Thanks, Leah 🙂

A3 CC: Personal Response to “The Wave”

In ELA we watched the movie “The Wave”. It was about a school that had a project week and this one class chose the topic of autocracy. The teacher proposed a question “Do you think a dictatorship could happen here?”. They created a group called “The Wave” and many of the students joined. Eventually the group went too far, to the point of being incredibly dangerous. A dictatorship doesn’t really seem possible in our world today, but this movie proves this wrong. All it takes is a strong leader that is able get people on their side and in the same mindset. Many feel that these leaders are manipulating the people that join their group but that’s wrong in many cases. They are just motivating people to think the same. Also, this is possible because there will always be people that want to be part of any group that makes them feel like they have purpose. There for, I feel a dictatorship is totally possible now days.This movie also taught me an important lesson. Your friends can turn on you in an instant. In the movie, Karo didn’t want to join “The Wave” and she pretty much was told to get on the boat or leave, by people that are some of her very best friends. Even her own boyfriend turned on her and ended up going as far too hit her. This part really makes you think how quickly the people you trust most can change. There was also larger messages involved in this film. One of the biggest is make sure you think about what you are getting involved in before it goes too far. Think about your actions and what consequences are going to come along with them. On the other side of that, make sure you are not letting people push you around. Stand up for yourself, but don’t get yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in. I feel this movie left me with only one major question “Why did Tim go as far as to commit suicide and would he have done the same thing if the wave wasn’t created?”. The making of this movie was also very well done. They used very good actors and they added in parts that showed you don’t have to follow the group. Overall I really enjoyed this movie! Even with having to read the subtitles! 🙂